Do you care about improving educational outcomes for at-risk children?

Button_DonateBecome a member today by donating to the non-profit organization GO for Tansania e.V. supporting The Brilliant Pre-Primary and Primary School in Tanzania.


Why Donate
This school teaches children in the poorest families of Tanzania, many of whom are orphans. You can change a child’s life so they can access new opportunities!

About the Non-profit
The Brilliant Pre-Primary and Primary School is financed mainly through the donations of the annual fundraising run at the Gymnasium Mainz-Oberstadt school, and donors like you!

Accountability and Transparency
In July 2017, Hildegard Hoffmann, the chairwoman of the association, visited the project and you can find videos and pictures of her trip over here: Impressions

Thanks to donor support, we have helped the school and it’s more than one hundred students with

  • Construction of school buildings
  • Construction of residential housing for families and foster families of AIDS-orphans
  • Construction of dormitories for children who have a long way to school
  • A well for clean drinking water
  • Purchase of land for self-sufficiency

Construction House 1 Jan_2016

Construction House 2 Jan_2016

School Building Kohlbau Jan_2016
The school equipment as well as teacher’s salaries are financed by the non-profit organization.

With more support from donors like you, the school plans to offer vocational training for young people, so that they have opportunities to pursue a career in their home country.

Donation 2015Vote with your money for a better future

In order to continue enabling children in Tanzania to complete their education and possible vocational training, and thus offer new prospects for life, we ask for your support by becoming a member of our non-profit organization, or as a one time or regular donor and / or as a sponsor of our annual fundraising run at the Gymnasium Mainz Oberstadt school.

Thank you for your support!
The Board